Home made cake «Annа»

Home made cake «Annа»

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Home made cake «Anna» recipes

For the test: sour cream -3 tablespoons with a hill; butter-100 gr (butter can be replaced by margarine); sugar-0.5 cup; eggs -2 pcs .; honey-100 g; soda-1 tsp (to extinguish with vinegar); flour — 2 glasses; peanuts-200 gr.

Mix eggs with sugar and beat well with a mixer, add honey and soda with vinegar. Stir everything together and add flour and ground peanuts. The dough should be tender, like on thick pancakes. We bake three Korzh. Cakes are baked very quickly somewhere around 15 minutes at 180 degrees. Readiness cakes check match .

While baked cakes make protein cream.

4 whites of protein with 1 cup of sugar (sugar can be replaced with powdered sugar), and add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Beat to hard peaks.